Erotic Origami : Marc Kirschenbaum

Published by CreateSpace, 114 pages softback, 8.2 x 8.2 inches, ISBN: 978-1438218045

As the author of a book felt by some to be “near the knuckle”, I thought I’d probably be a suitable person to review this book. In terms of content, it’s past the knuckle and halfway up the arm, but the title doesn’t mislead and more sensitive folders will undoubtedly pass hurriedly by. The cover shows a playboy bunny, but most of the contents are indeed hard-core origami. I won’t dwell on specifics, but the models range from intermediate to advanced in terms of technique, are excellently diagrammed and the photos give a clear guide to the standards you can achieve if you use the right material to fold with. There’s useful information at the end about foil backing and wet-folding.

I hope and trust that origami in general is able to handle this type of book – the wider world of art has long since come to terms with erotic material and so, in my opinion, should the world of origami. It’s niche stuff, but deserves its place. Certainly you wouldn’t show it to children (and some adults) but that’s not a criterion for rejecting it out of hand.