Assuming the howling wind and Icelandic eruptions will allow the plane to take off, I shall be in Spain tonight. I always find it a disconcerting experience, partly because I’m naturally disorganised and growing worse by the year, but mainly because the actual flight is the quickest part of it and will take less time than I need to get to the airport in the first place. The unreliability of the bus and railway system means leaving around 6 hours before the flight.

I’ve now had a total of 11 Spanish classes, have learned about 60 words (and then forgotten at least half). Despite this, I shall try to teach in Spanish. It’s entertaining if not instructive! There are apparently strikes all over madrid, but what can you do?

Completely off the subject, here’s a photo I entered in a  competition to win a prize from the fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, someone I greatly enjoy reading.What he’ll make of it, nadie sabe 😉

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  1. Tuve el placer de estar en El escorial y plegar contigo algunos modelos, fue divertidisimo, aunque tu español es escaso, te hiciste entender perfectamente y nos lo pasamos muy bien plegando esas cosas tan simples y tan bonitas que tu sabes hacer.

    Muchas gracias

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