Apologies to regular visitors if things have been quiet of late, but life has been busy. Aside from an unprecedented month of gigs (band & solo) I’ve been under the cosh with books.

The Halloween project with Dover has reached the stage where my loyal and highly attentive proof-reader has begun to email back the vast list of corrections required and I’m working through these. One model in particular was so badly sequenced that I’ve had to redo about 8 (3D) steps from scratch. Why I didn’t take the time to get it right in the first place is a good question.The early version of a “werewolf” (shown right) has since been revised to make it less of a “were-rabbit” 😉

Other errors are just plain silly – missing turnovers etc. I usually add these after the steps are complete, but this requires me to pay attention and I’m getting worse at this as the years crawl interminably by. The two earlier books (also for for Dover) are now complete and awaiting printing – details my master list.

In addition, I’m about to begin work on no less than 4 new book projects (although three are quite short) and the deadlines are essentially “ASAP”. So at least for the moment I can actually feel I’m earning my whack towards the household expenses, which is nice!

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