I’m currently working on a potential book with  a US publisher. Despite the fact that the contract is flying back and forth as I try to negotiate the best deal (increasingly publishers expect you to be “owners” of all the work you submit, which makes it tricksy with other people’s designs!) I’ve already started working on the project, since it will reduce the pressure when/if the contract does come through with a 2 month deadline attached. In either case, diagrams can be used in other projects if it falls through.

The subject of the book is “animals”, covering four-legged, swimming and flying varieties. I’m in the middle of a “creative frenzy”, where I torture paper all day long in the hope something half-decent may magically emerge. One such contender turned out to be a variation of a design I created 20 odd years ago, when everything had to be 3D. Fascianing to see the difference a few years make, it’s actually simpler and more elegant than the predecessor, so by my standards, that’s an improvement!

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