Everything Origami : Matthew Gardiner

Hinkler Books (Australia) spiral bound hardback ISBN 978-1-7418-2567-1

Matthew is best known for his exemplary work with Folding Australia and Oribotics, his robotic origami artwork. Here is his first book, written with the help of members of the Melbourne Origami Group. Cunningly described as “8 books in one” (for “books”, read “chapters”), it contains instructions for over 60 models. You get a section on bases, then traditional, decorations/flowers, toys, boxes, animals, geometric and dinosaurs. Matthew’s wife, My Trinh, is a highly talented graphic designer who produced the diagrams. Other contributors to the book include Jonathon Baxter, Darren Scott and Steven Casey, Australia’s long-standing and leading creator.

The diagrams are exemplary and easy for beginners to follow and the chosen models are simple to intermediate, with creators chosen from around the world, with (naturally) a decent Aussie representation. Each set of diagrams has a beautifully shot image of the final model. The spiral bound format is perfect for origami – I wish more books came like this. The large page format (11”x8”) allows for clarity of layout and a feeling of space. You get a free pack of paper!

Unusually, there’s no list of credits at the back, but each designer is named on the page and there’s a list of societies within the introduction. The best news is (or was) that the Works chain of cheapo books was selling it for around a fiver! It’s still only six quid at www.bjbooksco.uk – unbelievable value at that price and highly recommended both for your own collection and as a gift for others.