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  1. I agree that it isn’t surprising, but it is still a bummer. I think an online publishing business with lower overhead (i.e. not in NYC) would have a better chance but it would require paper folders to… not be such Luddites. I believe there is still a large contingent of folders who only want paper diagrams.

  2. I *prefer* paper diagrams, but I have nothing against electronic versions. You may be looking at a generational gap – I still play vinyl (admittedly far less often), CDs as well as mp3s, my son (25) doesn’t own a single CD – it’s *all* digital for him. I also believe that one of the reasons why this has failed is because of the huge expectation of something for nothing created by digital media and the web. People are increasingly reluctant to pay for origami. I’m completely torn at the moment, I’ve always given my work away, but if there was a modest income stream to be had from it, it would help me survive. Hmm I feel a BOS article coming on 😉

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