my giraffeHot on the heels of the “Elephant project” held by Whipsnade Zoo, the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna is mounting a challenge to fold a record number of origami giraffes. Their aim is 1,828 giraffes, since 1828 was the year when the first giraffe was brought to Vienna. They found some instructions for an (uncredited) giraffe design on the web, which turned out to be mine, published in Super Quick Origami Animals. As is often the case, they assumed it was public domain, but have kindly added appropriate credit after I wrote to them. It’s perhaps not the most original design on the planet, but…

They wrote “We would be delighted if you took part and send us your paper giraffes. It would also be nice if you sent pictures of you folding the paper or of the completed work of art, which we will show on our Facebook pages. You will find more information and folding instructions on: Entry deadline date is May 3rd.”

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