OK – following on from the previous incarnation, add a half blintz crease (a semi-blinz”?) and extend this through the 22.5 crease at right angles. Form a slightly larger central square base, you get this. Some soft edges form themselves, not shown on the CP. I’d love to know if any of you are actually completing these!


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  1. My fumbled attempt looks a bit like the photo but only by making what you called the small “vital” crease i.e. the one that runs from the end of the extension from the half blintz on the raw edge to the centre horizontal line in the c.p. a mountain not a valley.
    The model has irregular shaped dimples when seen side on, nice!!

    1. Well spotted Matt, maybe if no-one reads this reply, they won’t realise I’ve made the correction required. Irregular dimples – nice phrase!

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