Flower Origami / Folded Flowers : Kumiko Sudo

Breckling Press 168 pages, softback ISBN 0-9721218-4-6 / 0-9721-2180-3

Ms. Sudo continues to produces fabric origami books almost faster than people can review them! Both books present a variety of simple origami designs that can be applied to fabric and stitched together to produce some stunningly beautiful results. Full instructions are given as to the size of cloth required, which stitching techniques to employ and you get templates for use when cutting out the cloth.

The techniques seem simple enough, providing you have a steady sewing technique. “Fresh, fun and oh so easy” trumpets the back cover and one has to agree. Flower Origami contains 230 patterns and the companion volume Folded Flowers contains 24 flowers and six purse designs. Both should provide much fun for anyone with an hour or so to spare.

A slightly more obscure offering by the same author is “Flower Days”, an “origami inspired creativity journal”. Essentially a journal for you to note down your ideas, experiences and impressions, it is a seven inch square book with a very neat magnetic flap to keep the attractive cover closed.