Fluorescent Origami Paper (Dover)

Dover are a succesful craft publisher in the States and have released a number of books by origami authors, Lang and Montroll for instance. One of their companion products is a pack of fluorescent origami paper, “perfect for adding pizzazz to a wide variety of origami models”. The 18 sheets of paper are 15cms square and are fairly square, as things go.

The package itself (a “sturdy shrink-wrapped folder”)  is generously large. One hopes the buyer won’t be too disappointed upon opening the pack and seeing the actual paper. I’d also disagree with the printed assertion that “paperfolders everywhere will delight in this riotously colorful selection of fluorescent hues”. It’s a matter of taste, after all.

$5 for 18 sheets of gaudy paper seems a bit steep, even wrapped in a large sheet of card. Had their been a few diagrams within, it might have been more appealing, as well as helped to promote their own books.