Folding Australia Convention Book 2007

Published by Airstrip 200 pages soft cover A5 format ISBN 978-0-9757463-1-8

As one of the youngest origami societies around, Folding Australia seem to be showing the rest of us how to present origami. Their website is superb and this is one of the most attractive convention books I’ve ever seen. This is largely due to the inspired graphical work of my Trinh Ha, ably assisted by Matt Gardiner, Darren Scott and Mike Hopkins. Why do I like it so much? 1) A5 format 2) It has an attractive colour cover and a proper spine 3) the printing and binding is of the highest quality. 4) the layout is consistent throughout 5) 200 pages allows a good selection of models.

The BOS once experimented with the A5 format, (Bristol 1990) but it only lasted for one convention, much to my disappointment. Providing the printing is clear, diagrams are perfectly legible at this size and the package is far more convenient for carrying, storing and posting. The weight is halved and less paper used. Inside the book was a postcard with a hand-written note of thanks, then I saw that the page for my model had a colour bookmark inserted – a most thoughtful gesture. Although I was involved in the BOS council decision to send CDrom versions of our own collection to contributors instead of printed copies, when I see the efforts other societies make, I sometimes wonder whether it was the right decision.

You can see the list of contributors and order the book for the Aussie equivalent of £19.50 at this site