Good Moves #1

The first book I bought at my first BOS convention (1984) was “Origami for the Enthusiast” by John Montroll. I was relatively new to folding and as with most folders, drawn to complexity. Don’t snigger, you crease-pattern wizards, in those days, Montroll was as complex as you could find!

So what did I do? I turned to the elephant diagrams and merrily set off. Things went well until I saw an instruction that said “make a double rabbit’s ear”. I knew what a single RE was, but this stumped me for many months. I had a similar experience with double reverse folds – they seemed impossible and no diagrams I could find actually showed a sequence for them.

So I was delighted when Edwin Corrie showed me how he achieved the technique to form a colour-changed head on one of his designs. He had carefully analysed the process and produced a smooth sequence. This is what I call a “good move”. They occur from time to time and are one of the reasons why I still prefer the folding to the finished result. Try it and tell me it’s not a joy!