Good Moves #1 — 3 Comments

  1. That’s a great folding sequence, Nick! My thanks to Edwin for devising it, and to you for reproducing it here. I’ve been folding for a mere 3.5 years, since rediscovering the joys of folding, and my creative muse has yet to kick in, so I’ve folded my way through a huge pile of books and BOS magazines. One of my favourites has always been John Montroll, but a recurring irritation has always been the moment where (typically with birds’ heads) he simply says something like “pull out some paper”, and shows a couple of fold lines and a paper-movement arrow, and the next step invariably makes it obvious there’s more to this maneouvre than meets the eye! Hitherto, I’ve sort of muddled along at that point, sometimes getting the sequence required (more by luck than judgement), but more often ending up with my botched model heading binwards! Armed with this “good move”, I now intend to revisit the scenes of some of my earlier failures, so thanks again. (My “Montroll Mood” is currently quite buoyant, having successfully folded his Stegasaurus from “Prehistoric Origami” yesterday).

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