Good Moves #2 : the Norminton Lock

When I was a younger folder (in my late 20s) I was lucky that the mini-meeting near enough to attend regularly was the north-west meeting, held in Bramhall, near Stockport. At these meetings were regulars Wayne Brown, Dave Brill, David Petty and Ted Norminton, all highly creative and (mostly) intelligent origami designers.

Month by month, I saw the fruits of their labours, many unveiled for the first time – classics such as Norminton’s “Daffodil”, Brill’s “Nut & Bolt” and many more. This meant I was exposed to a barrage of exciting new techniques, one of which formed a central part of Ted’s “Seagull” holding both the body and the wings together. This was christened (probably by Brilly) “Norminton’s Lock”.

The concept is simple, but the execution utterly new and yet seemingly obvious, once you’d seen it. I’ve incorporated it into a few of my own designs and I recommend you fold it and (hopefully) admire it!