I’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited to many countries to reveal my modest origami talents and I’ve just been told that next year, I’ll be visiting Spain for the first time, as guest of the AEP at the “XIV Convencion Internacional de Papiroflexia El Escorial 2011”!

I always feel incredibly honoured to be invited and this is no exception. Naturally, I’ll be trying my best to extend the visit by a few days so I can see some of the wonderful countryside and Spanish culture. There’s part of me that says, “May 2011? Plenty of time to learn some Spanish”, but I had a similar feeling before my visit to the CDO convention in Italy and having managed to say “hello, how are you, my name is Nick and I have 4 brothers and 1 sister”, conversation dried up almost immediately ;(

The AEP have set up a wordpress blog for the convention, which is an interesting alternative to adding this info to their main site. As you can tell from this page, I’m a recent but confirmed fan of blogs, for their ease of use and removal of the technical aspects of html.

I’ve just heard that Dave & Assia Brill will be keeping me company – fantastic news!

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