I saw Mummy folding Santa Claus

Christmas is rapidly approaching and my mind has been anything but festive recently. So, what better than to adapt and old design and imagine it’s a suitable object to hang by the balls on a Christmas tree?

I recently revisted my old “flower form”, published yonks ago in “Pfiffiges Origami” by Paulo Mulatinho.  By continuing to twist round the loose corners, an idea emerged. It took a great deal of experimentation to achieve a shape that had reference points for the folding sequence and locked well together. Ideally, it would be taller and thinner, but I’ve yet to achieve this and it may not be possible.

I posted it on Facebook – someone asked “what is it?”, meaning I’ve probably failed to hit the mark. Maybe if the brown was actually white, it might look more like snow? However, I still like it 😉