My new book will be released soon, but I’ve already identified an error, which is depressing. The design included under the title “curly box”, which I thought was traditional, turns out to be the “flower box”, by Fumio Inoue. I found this on three sites listed as traditional and asked a usually reliable source, who didn’t recognise it, so I felt safe to go ahead.  It turns out to have been published in a BOS convention pack from 15 years ago, so I may well have seen it at some stage, but didn’t remember.

There’s little to be done at this stage, other than make a note to correct it should a second pressing take place. However, I’d very much like to apologise to Inoue-San and have made efforts to contact him – I’m hopeful he’ll understand.

I always strive for the proper attribution and to get appropriate permission before publishing any model, so it’s embarrassing as well as frustrating  when one slips through the net.  Using the fantastic “origami database” can be helpful, but it relies on you knowing either the creator, the name of the model, or preferably both. There are a zillion “origami boxes” on the web, (2,250,000 via google in 0.21 seconds), so even google images doesn’t necessarily give you the answer. If you have any bright ideas about tackling this issue, please share them.

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