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  1. Hear! Hear! Well said Nick, and a lovely photo.
    At the convention, Iris was telling me about the first origami meeting with Lillian Oppenheimer and her daughter in London.

    I wish I’d been taking notes as she told us about her journey, the welcome, the huge spread that had been laid on (for about 15 people!) and the folding that had been done.

  2. Totally agree. A few years ago I was asked to do an all day Origami drop-in teaching session at Beverley library. After a few hours my spirits were starting to flag, teaching the same models over and over. Then out of the blue, in walked Iris. She had seen the advert in the local paper and decided to attend, not to help out, but because of her passion for Origami, just to see if she could learn a new fold! Obviously she wasn’t going to learn anything new from me, so I asked her if she would help me with the teaching session. Her face lit up and for the rest of the day we taught loads of new models which she had brought with her. The time flew by.
    I gave her a lift home afterwards and the half hour journey back was so interesting as she recounted her origami past. Like Dennis said, I would have loved to have recorded the conversation, as I think every BOS member would find it fascinating.

  3. Hi Nick,

    I have the warmest memories from Iris when I attended the BOS convention at Nottingham in the spring of 2008. She found me in a hall, asked if I was attending the convention and proceeded to take me into a tiny room and offer me a cup of tea. My first cup of tea in England. She told me the story about how she was named Iris. What a warm welcome!


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