Jewish Holiday Origami : Joel Stern

Dover Publications 64pp softback 83/8 x 11 isbn : 0-486-45076-7

Following in the footsteps of the late Florence Temko, Stern has produced a book of simple designs which reflect aspects of Judaism. In the introduction, Stern explains some of the connections between origami and Judaism and how they can enhance each other. Simpler subjects include a ram’s horn, prayer book, candles & tablets. Listed under “intermediate” is a dreidel, shank bone and frog (one of the plagues!). Finally under “advanced” you get four sons (wise, wicked, simple and one who does not know how to ask!), scrolls and a table. There are 24 designs in total.

The instructions are clear and steps are pleasingly 3D where it helps the folder and despite being in 3 levels, there’s nothing that would tax a folder of moderate abilities. Highlights? I like the “Parting of the Red Sea” where a fl at surface collapses in the centre. The “four sons” are simple and pleasing to the eye, reminiscent of the late, great Eric Kenneway.

All designs have been thought through and indicate a creator who understands the idea of sequencing. Available on Amazon for a mere £2.15, I’d say there’s good value for money here and folds you can enjoy and teach whether or not you are of the faith.