Reaching the end of my work on a book of origami angels – it’s been a trying time, since the publishers have insisted on approving (or rejecting!) every design. Many good models have failed to find favour. This is alright as it goes, but it gets harder each time to come up with something new. There are only so many designs out there that I feel are of the right quality, so I have to create from scratch.

So, here is the final square based design and I’ve just completed a dollar-bill angel, photo to come soon. Books are always a creative challenge, but, you hope, not too much of a challenge, or the old gray matter begins to turn into jelly. The background of the photo is a sheet of white paper, which when badly lit seems to generate a pleasing “night time” effect – all deliberate, of course.

I’ve just heard of the death of my good friend and all-round origami Angel, Doris Lauinger. So, the above angel has been renamed the Lauinger Angel. Sadly, I doubt the book will allow me to use this title.

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