There’s a local saying that you can wait an hour for a bus, then three come at once. I’m experiencing the origami version of this tale. Within a couple of days, my next three books have appeared online (pre-orders only) and I’m seeing the covers for the first time. Details of the individual books are on my list of titles, but there’s an Alice In Wonderland collection, plus two beginners books of “Animals” and “Things that Go”.

All small format and all with free folding paper, as seems to be the trend these days. I guess this means they will appear in a marvellous presentation box, 4 times the size of the book. Such fun!

It’s always a double edged sword for me, seeing my books hit the streets. I’m delighted they have made it to the finishing line, but there’s generally a feeling that I could have done better, given more time and more pages. Ah well. Cosmic serendipity has sent me offers to produce three more books in the new year, work that was badly needed.

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