Kuni @ Hazel Grove

Several years ago (1999, to be exact) Kunihiko Kasahara was a guest of the BOS for their Bristol convention and afterwards, we invited the Master up to a meeting in Hazel grove, near to Manchester. The venue was a small church hall and it was probably one of his more surreal experiences of the UK.

About 25 people turned out on a cold night to attend a special evening meeting, with several of us lugging a great pile of books for him to sign. Kuni did some teaching, then a few of us stood up to be counted.

I wonder if the young child on my right ever grew up to love origami and realised he’d met one of the finest origami creators of all time. I’ve worshipped KK for many years and was utterly delighted to meet him in person.

I thoroughly recommend everyone new to origami to invest in a copy of “Creative Origami”, still a complete classic nearly 40 years after he wrote it. He set the standards that I aspire towards.