Lanesfield School December 2015

John Farrell has been doing amazing work for the past few years with his students at Lanesfield School in Wolverhampton. He has started an origami club and the work they are producing is amazing! I ran some classes for them recently. He writes:

I invited Nick Robinson down to our school to do some folding with the children. The book he donated to the class is very popular – one child takes it home for a night, then another the next day and so on. Baljit – my little expert with her own display area, was the first one to take it and she came in the next day with 3 models from the book. Another of the girls in my lunchtime group told me on Tuesday that she was only asking her parents for origami related things for Christmas. Another of the girls came in on Friday last with 3 Jackson cubes that she had made at home. Finally, I followed up on Nick’s suggestion about contacting Maria Sinayskaya and she replied! She said she was delighted to hear what we were doing with her star, and she sent me a diagram for another of her stars for the children to fold.