Lang’s origami law-suit

It had to happen – so many origami artists are being ripped off but nobody was (or, to be truthful, financially able) prepared to put their neck on the line to protect them in the courts. Robert Lang has done this, on behalf of himself and Manuel Sirgo Alvarez, Noboru Miyajima, Nicola Bandoni, Toshikazu Kawasaki and Jason Ku.

Basically, crease patterns of their designs have been turned into “works of art” by UK artist Sarah Morris. Her lawyer has said the case is “completely without merit, and we look forward to defending the matter in court”.

However, we know better. We should therefore do everything we can to promote and support Lang’s case. If this means financially, I’m certain we can organise a fund-raising effort to help. It’s a hugely important test-case for origami rights.

You can read full details on Lang’s site. If any of you out there has ever exhibited or shown crease patterns or decorated crease patterns, please let him have details – it may just help.
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