Larry Hart RIP

Nick, Thoki, Larry

You will probably know that we recently lost our dear friend Larry Hart to the pernicious covid. Larry (and his dear wife Judy) have been close friends for several decades and rarely did a month go by without a call from Larry, enthusing about a new model he had learned, or discussing one of the finer points of origami techniques. Larry managed to be unfailingly cheerful, despite a variety of health issues as he got older, which he rarely talked about.

Whilst he did create some notable designs over the years (his BOS booklet “Larry Hart – Selected Works 1971-1991” is sadly out of print), his main strength, to my mind, was his boundless and innocent love of paper-folding. Many of us are like that when we begin folding, Larry was like that throughout his life and he gladly shared his enthusiasm at conventions around the world.

As a couple, they shared a love of folding that is (in my experience!) quite rare and it was always a real joy to spend time with them. They kindly offered me a settee on several occasions when I was in London for one reason or another and it was great to see them at conventions and the Wentworth maxi-meetings, of which they were an essential part. Clearly, life will never be the same again for Judy, but I hope the love and support of her many BOS friends will be of some value to her.