Lovers Knot : Elsje Van Der Ploeg

>A5 36 pages softback, self published by the author, second edition 2010

Subtitled “Historical envelope and letterfolds no. 1”, this compact booklet presents the history of the familiar “star lovers knot” fold. This is in fact the pentagonal knot, differentiated within from the “bow lovers knot”, perhaps the more familiar design by this name.

Nomenclature aside, Elsje has studied far and wide to assemble this informative collection of historical notes and quite a few diagrams. She proposes that the knot was the first ever letter fold, with evidence dating back as far as 1000 AD.

She shows how the knot was known all around the world. This is a neat way to present information (not everyone wants to use the web!) and with a print run of 50, she can update as often as she wishes.

The fold itself is widely known, but always impresses me, especially since I just don’t understand how a perfect pentagon is formed. Also, if you hold it up to the light, you can see a beautiful pentagram. Heinz Strobl has shown exactly how many possibilities there are through his amazing “knotologie” site.

Stop press: Elsje writes :To your information: I am one of the founder-members of ELFA = The Envelope and LetterFolds Association (since1988) . The booklet “Lover’s knot” is a study of historical material with some reconstructions of letterfolds (diagrams) from old pictures (woodblockprint/painting).  People can get the booklet for free online,
when they ask me IN a handfolded letter/envelope (snailmail).

I will answer and send the url-address and password. My home address = Elsje van der Ploeg, Wecelostraat 1, 6901 GD, Zevenaar, The Netherlands