Magic Rose Cube challenge

The Magic Rose Cube has been around for some time and is a stone-cold classic. There are several unauthorised videos and a superb official DVD produced by Michael & Richard at Origamido, but it has yet to be published outside of Japan. The challenge for me wasn’t folding it, but diagramming it! I had previously made diagrams, approved by creator Valerie Vann, for BOS issue 218 (February 2003) and when looking for ideas for “Action Origami”, it occurred to me I had a set of diagrams almost ready for use. So I approached Valerie again for permission to publish, which she generously granted me.

If only my filing system was so organised. I ploughed through every backup disk & CD I had, with no luck. I realised it must have been on one of several hard drives that died on me just before (cough) backing up. So there was no option other than to start from scratch. As I did so, I realised that the new diagrams would be much better than the old ones (15 years of practise!) and it is proving a challenge, albeit an enjoyable one. I’ve just started on the final section, how to open & close it – wish me luck with these complex 3D steps! Here’s a page, before text is added….