Money Menagerie : Sterling Dare

H&R Magic Books ISBN : 0-9727938-3-6 48 pages softback

H&R appear to be a small company that promote magic and related areas. This book came to my attention because it was illustrated by none other than our very own David Petty. Such an experienced hand means that we get top-notch instructions, with every effort to show extra layers and generally give depth. Author Sterling Dare has an impressive CV of work flying, teaching and business studies and was inspired to fold by Harbin’s Origami 1.

The designs are all his own work (apart from four by DP and a couple of traditionals) and are all fairly quirky – the subtitle of the book is “a collection of wild or strange animals”! They are not without charm though and use a wide range of origami techniques to achieve the end result.

There is an ample section on folding symbols and basic techniques. A suitable audience would be folders of basic to intermediate ability, young or old, who have a few dollar bills (or Euros) lying around. You can order from their website and at $15, it’s pretty good value.