I noticed recently that my list of books didn’t include my first semi-serious effort from around 1987, “One Dozen Folds”. So, I’ve rectified this!

It occurs to me there might be some mileage in republishing it as an e-book, but I imagine it would be pirated within days.

Update: I’ve dug out most of the original artwork for this and started scanning it in so I can create a pdf version. I may recreate the text in a more legible font!

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  1. I hope you won’t let the fact of piracy stop you from re-publishing somehow. Sadly, the reality is that reprinting on paper would only delay the piracy by a few days or a week (if that)… I’d hate to see you stop publishing at all!

    Maybe for something like this some kind of Donation-Ware like or voluntary payment system would be better than nothing?

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