I was teaching recently when one student said “it’s Valentine’s day, can we make something for our parents?”. Erk! Not being an overly romantic type, I had no idea this was coming, so had to think rapidly for something simple enough for this fairly young class to manage.

A quick trial later, I had a pop-up Heart Card for them – 6 creases and wee dab of glue. The heart used A6, the card A4. It’s nothing radical or wildly original and I’m sure you can figure it out from the photos, but I’ve actually drawn up a folding sequence – if you’d like a copy, drop me a line.

It’s dedicated to my guru Wayne, who’s in for an operation tomorrow. Not a brain scan, the equipment isn’t sensitive enough…

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  1. Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Yesterday was the first day of autumn here, so happy autumn! I hear it’s been the wettest summer ever here, so don’t picture us basking in the sun. Loved the heart card and the campanile logo. Will try to figure out the heart card and make one for daughter whilst here. It made my day to find your book ‘The World’s Best Origami” in the Museum of Contemporary Art bookshop in Sydney, so I brandished it about a bit and told everyone within earshot how great your books are. Hope the guru Wayne is ok. Give him my best wishes.
    Happy folding

    Jean x

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