My Sunglasses…

RenĂ© Ciampa wrote asking permission to teach one of my models (sunglasses), to which (of course) I said I’d be delighted. She writes:

“I was called by eco-designer Franco Francesca to participate in a “talk show” entitled: the suitcase of stories. The event was created by the “Social Film Festival Artelesia” of Benevento, in the province of Campania (in Italy). Before the evening talk show, I had the pleasure of doing a free origami workshop in the Mario Balestrieri Optical Center which was the sponsor of the event I attended. I taught participants how to fold Nick Robinson’s beautiful “Sunglasses”. The children and their families were very happy to have participated in my workshop, so much so that they want me back with them for other future workshops. I also had a lot of fun folding this beautiful model!”

“The talk show in which I participated the same evening was preceded by an exclusive, eco-sustainable and inclusive fashion show on the “Green Carpet” which started from the Atelier of the eco-designer Franco Francesca, where I and we followed the other participants in the talk right into the San Marco cinema theater in Benevento. There were four of us on stage: an Italian actress, a model in a wheelchair, me and a writer. All four had a common thread about inclusion, disability, sustainability, equity and I, In particular, talked about my story, my autobiography and how origami came into my life. The reason I gave is that in 2012, origami was my therapy, because I needed something “strong” to stay mentally healthy, in that period I had to face a very big health problem with my husband, which it’s still there, and the origami was very helpful. They managed to free my mind from negative thoughts.”

The model has been published a several books and there are many videos on Youtub, although most seem to think it’s a traditional design ;(