Need a diagram?

Be warned, this is a shameless plug for my services! I’m low on work at the moment, thanks to the economic climate. If any readers would like professional-standard diagrams creating of their masterpieces, please get in touch. We’ll agree a price, then you will get the diagrams in any format you wish (including editable illustrator) and you’ll own the copyright on the diagrams. I’m happy to take on larger tasks, from preparation of an instructional leaflet through to a fully laid-out book.

Sound too good to be true?  Then ring today! Or accurately, use the contact link.

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  1. That’s a great idea! I will be using this offer! I’m known for my laziness in diagramming … sometimes if I’m feeling pushed to publish things I’m using my smartphone camera …
    You are accepting a series of photos? A CP? the object in real?
    So I’m thinking of my last module (Doris Lauinger Star Module) and assembly to 6 and 12 pointed stars … – 12 pointed … – 06 pointed …

    You will hear more …

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