Just as I was getting over my dismay over Tuttle’s massively inappropriate re-branding of my “Intriguing Origami” book as “Beginning Origami Kit”, I somehow ended up perusing their official web page for the project, also referred to there as “Beginner Origami Kit“. Here I learn that you can create:

Adorable? Few minutes? These are models aimed at serious folders and some are relatively challenging.

Hey – a reptilian dinosaur!

Snuggle? They are getting down and dirty!

This ubiquitous phrase is surely past it’s sell-by date…

Tuttle are to be congratulated for producing some magnificent origami books, but clearly, when push comes to shove, the marketing people have the deciding vote and sad to say they clearly have no clue about the actual contents of an origami book (to be fair, they are not alone in this).

I did my best to retain the original title but to no avail. I’m sorry to bite the hand that feeds me and I realise these are “just products”, but my cat Pickle (seen right admiring a Lang design) told my I had to let off steam. Just call me Ed Reardon…..

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  1. Have you ever thought of self publishing? If in the future you decide to make another book you can go through something like Amazon Create Space and then you won’t have to deal with nonsense from publishers like this.

    1. I’ve thought about it a lot, but cannot persuade myself to go ahead with it for some reason. Maybe I need an agent šŸ˜‰

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