Origami Alfresco (Part the 2nd) : David Mitchell — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Nick. A delight to read as always. I believe the word irogami is a genuine Japanese usage (but stand ready to be corrected) meaning ‘coloured / shaded paper’ or something similar. I have used it for many years, in print and out. It seems a much better alternative to ‘kami’ or ‘origami paper’. I note you have also coined the word ‘oirgami’ in your review and look forward to hearing your definition in due course!

    I thought the term ‘a unique creative talent’ was sufficiently ambiguous to get away with. I wouldn’t dare describe myself as ‘a hugely talented creator’!

    It is certainly true that you have produced many fine designs in this style which would have been ‘woirthy’ of a place in this book. BOMAS is alive and well.

    • Oirgami is a term I use for designs with a celtic influence. Riogami, quite naturally, is for those with a Brazilian influence. BOMAS – I thought my membership of that group had lapsed, but clearly not!

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