Three book contracts! Two are for more volumes in the “My first origami book” series (Dover Publications) – featuring themes of “Christmas” and “Paper Planes”. The latter is an interesting challenge, since the planes must all fly and will be made from squares. However, this type of challenge (and reward) seem to bring out my creative instincts and I have designed 4 new planes already.

The other is for a book provisionally entitled “Origami Angels”. I’m sure you can imagine what it will contain. They will vary from simple to high-intermediate. Shown right is one of the possible contents.

The publishers are (unusually) quite insistent on what they feel will work, so I’ve been designing and sourcing many angels that don’t seem to fit the bill. However, I hope their clear vision and focus on the design elements of the book will result in a first-class book.

As ever, if you have a model you think might fit the bill, please get in touch.

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