Origami 2D by Daniela Carboni

Published 2016 by Centro Diffusione Origami 100 Pages, Paperback, in Italian

For many years, the author has been one of my favourite Italian creators, but I suspect she is less well-known outside Italy than she deserves. I place “character” high on my assessment of models and Daniela’s are full of character. Sadly, my Italian is almost non-existent, so I couldn’t follow the introduction, nor the numerous pages of information about the designs. As you can guess, the models are mostly 2D/flat, although some are inescapably in three dimensions!

You get to meet Mr and Mrs. Kami, an Angel and a Devil, a male and female Alien and a variety of other simply-folded characters. Next are designs such as “Yin & Yang” (very elegantly achieved), the Peace symbol, a “flattened man”, then a series of animals that used a plain square as the basis for their bodies, with appropriate heads poking out. You get the Three Kings and a camel, as well as other festive subjects, around forty models in total.

The A5 booklet is produced by the CDO (Centro Diffusione Origami) and is part of a regular series promoting the work of the many creative folders to be found in Italy. They are to be congratulated for this! Their sparkling website has an English language option, but it looks like you need to be a member to access the shop. www.origami-cdo.it/indexen.html