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  1. Thanks for the kind review, Nick. Although I never met him, I think it is indeed fair to say that my designs are greatly influenced by Eric Kenneway’s ideas, one of which, of course, was to try to give a folding sequence a surprise, or mystery, ending. I find there are several ways to do this. One is to fold face down, so that the design is only revealed when it is turned over. Another is to fold something that is not obviously anything at all until you suddenly reach that ‘aha’ moment. Another is to fold something that is actually several things at once. I think I used all these ideas in Origami Alfresco, and although it is far from being my best-selling book, it is perhaps the one I am happiest with in terms of the quality of the designs.

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  3. There is a photo of a black and white minimal penguin on Nick Robinsons site. I think it may be from one of your books. The photo of the penguin is about half way down the page.

    Can you please help me find the diagram for the penguin? Thanks, Todd

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