Origami and Kirigami for the Home : Wei You

ISBN: 9781789940824
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) Oct 2022
Pages: 160,  A4

This book goes straight to the top of my “best presented” list – inside the cardboard cover was some pink decorated paper, inside that was some blue Japanese paper with a folded crane and a greetings card with a folded mode on it! The book features diagrams and photo instructions for making a variety of paper artwork. Some of the models are traditional, others appear to be designed by Wei, although there are no credits anywhere. There’s a good variety if you’re not worried about multi-piece designs. The diagrams are quite condensed, which is a bit of a shame, I would have given them more room, but it does mean that you get a lot of choice – there are over 30 projects to try and each has a QR code linking to a video.

It’s not really aimed at or origamists per se but more for those who enjoy paper artwork. At 10.99, it’s good value for money and the full page photographic illustrations use an attractive range of paper, encouraging you to create something beautiful. There is a lot of competition in this field but the book is worth investing in if this field interests you. 

Wei You runs the online paperart shop Lavender Home, specialising primarily in oriental-themed products including handmade papercraft home decorations and origami jewelry. She hosts origami workshops and creates bespoke paper art decorations for events and businesses.