Origami Authors and Creators

I have many dealings with advertising agencies, who in the main have no conception of how origami is created or the proper way to use it in their campaigns. Thus it is that there have been an increasing threat of court cases and legal exchanges over origami. A small number of people who were particularly concerned with “origami rights” have formed an organisation to support each other and other creators whose rights are being abused. Origami Authors and Creators (OAC) has four key aims;

1. To promote the authorised and legal use of our original origami work.
2. To maintain control of our intellectual property.
3. To protect against unauthorised use and distribution.
4. To prevent copyright infringements and internet piracy.

As a voluntary group, resources and time are limited to what the individual members can offer, but problems are discussed, possible solutions recommended and the necessary steps are taken. They have a website www.digitalorigami.com/oac where you can find out more about their valuable work and how to support it.