Origami Bible : Ashley Wood — 1 Comment

  1. Dear Nick, thanks for your review (although it’s not a current one). I’m quite new to origami (I tried out some of Tomoko Fuse’s boxes some years ago, but then forgot about the whole thing for quite a while) and tried to fold some of the projects in the book. At times I really thought I was too dumb to understand what the author meant because the diagrams were so hard to read (using the same colours and patterns in the diagrams as for the actual photographed objects is a surprisingly stupid idea) till I found out that at times the diagrams were just incorrect.

    An example: I wanted to fold the twisted dish on page 48, and in diagram 4 we see that the crease should be made so that the little square is folded in half. However, in the description it says “fold the short raw edges on the right to meet the most recent crease made”. I first didn’t notice the contradiction (I’m not a native speaker) and instead of following the description I followed the diagram and only found out in step 6 that this would not work, at least not as it should. At least I was able to manage it because the description was correct. After finding out it worked like a charm.

    That this “bible” does not credit the actual creators properly explains a lot and it fits well with the sloppy instructions throughout the book.

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