Origami Didactics and Research forum — 9 Comments

  1. The word “Didactic” has been used frequently recently. I understand it has to do with education and not with the more extended mmmeaning given in the short intoduction to “Origami, Didactics and Research”.

    What exactly is meant by the use here of “Didactics”?

    David Lister.

    • My understanding is that it means “the art or science of teaching”, here in relation to origami. Thus, the forum is aimed at teaching ori and also historical and technical research. I searched long and hard for a succinct phrase and that was the best I could manage.

  2. Sounds like I would have liked to have been there. Your posting was informative. Thanks for telling us about this wonderful group.

  3. David, in “Origami, Didactics and Research” we don’t give a extensive sense to the word ‘didactic’. We give a extensive sense to the word ‘origami’ in relation to didactic: Origami as the art to explain the folding art to the next generation. That’s origami didactic.

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