Origami Didactics and Research forum

For some time now I’ve been taking an ever-increasing interest in the aspects of origami other than the actual folding of models. My two visits to the conference in Freiburg have further fired up my enthusiasm for this, so I’ve put together a forum for discussing these aspects of origami.

They key to its success will be the level to which people who join the forum stay within the brief when posting. I really don’t want it swamping (like that of Saj Khans) with photos of every dog-eared model that people have folded, along with request for diagrams and “how do I fold this?” requests. They are fine in the right place, but the Didactics forum most definitely isn’t the right place.

I’m hoping it will become a place of historical debate, tips on teaching, information about antique books, maths, geometry and software.  In short, everything *but* folding itself, although inevitably there will be elements of that from time to time. The categories will develop as the posts roll in.

I’m going to be a fairly tough moderator, since I appreciate that stance from other forums I frequent. Maintaining the “on-topicness” is key to attracting input from those who have little time to spare. We shall see!

I’ve set up a topic on the forum to discuss a possible event in the UK.