Origami for Beginners : Vicente Palacios

Dover Publications 80 pages softback 16*22cms isbn : 0-486-40284-3

Originally published in 1995 as “Papirofl exia Facil” in Spanish, this book demonstrates once again what an enormous debt is owed to Vicente Palacios for his ceaseless work in promoting and researching origami. The book has a distinct bias towards modulars and containers, but there are other classics in there, including a Momotani plane and the amazing “whistle that whistles” by Angel Ecija. It also contains a “vampire bat” by some chap called Robinson.

I’ve long been an admirer of Palacios’ excellent diagrams, which are both lively, clear and unusually for these modern times, drawn by hand. If you don’t own it, buy it now – a highly entertaining selection of lesser known designs. At £5 on Amazon (or, of course $5 with the ubiquitous 1:1 exchange rate) it’s a genuine bargain. My only beef would be the title. Whilst not by any means complex, it’s certainly not a book for beginners.