Origami Fun Kit for Beginners : John Montroll

Dover Publications : ISBN 0-486-43292-0

This boxed set by Dover contains three 48 page softback books previously issued by John Montroll; Easy Origami, Birds and Favourite Animals in Origami, plus a pack of paper that looks suspiciously like Muji. Montroll fans will have these volumes already, so there’s no need to cover their contents. I have to say that this package is a fairly unsubtle attempt by Dover to cash in on existing products. I’m not questioning the value for money – at £15 it’s excellent value, even if you can buy these books on Amazon in sets of two for the equivalent of £3.15!

However, to use phrases such as “fun kit for beginners”, “great starter books” and “you can do origami – right now!” implies that the models are carefully selected for a beginner. Whilst “Easy Origami” clearly caters for this market, the other two contain models that are mostly of intermediate complexity and don’t offer any kind of controlled progression. There isn’t even anything on the box to suggest in what order these books should be tackled. So, as a cheap way to build your Montroll collection, top marks. As a fun kit for beginners, it leaves a lot to be desired. I doubt the author was consulted on this release, but a little input from an experienced paper-folder could have improved this package no end.