The Origami Song

Composed by Ron “Bonsai” Nichols, this catchy song is perfect for any type of folding event. Here are the lyrics with chords, ukelele tab, a complete midi file and a pdf of  sheet music, complete with proper notes and whatnot.

For all 4-string wizards out there, here’s a ukelele version, adapted from the original by our very good friend, Arthur Atkinson.

Hum it, sing it, play on a euphonium, we don’t care! If you have a recording you’ve made of this song, please get in touch and we’ll feature it on the site! Why not submit your own extra verses? If they are any good, we’ll add them here!


Verse 1C                                                                      G
When you have a sheet of paper use two hands to fold
G7                                                                     C
One to press the crease in place, the other just to hold
C                                           C7                    F
Line up edges nice and neatly, try to take your time
F                                C               G7                 C
That’s if you want to end up with a really neat design
Chorus 1C                                        G
Origami, origami it’s a lot of fun
G7                                        C
Origami, origami ’til the day is done
C                                              C7                      F
come true you don’t need glue, it won’t take very long
F                                            C  G7     C
To fold a little frog and sing the origami song
Chorus 2 
Verse 2C                                                                      G
Good advice is “buy a book” and read it from the start
G7                                                       C
Starting off at chapter 5 is really not too smart
C                                                 C7                   F
Just be patient, check the pictures and read every word
F                           C                   G7                  C
And if you do then maybe you will fold a flapping bird
Chorus 3 
Verse 3C                                                                     G
People see you folding and say that you’re just a nerd,
G7                                                                        C
But you just keep folding, you don’t you say a single word,
C                                            C7                 F
Every crease will help you to forget your daily woes
F                        C                              G7          C
And what a buzz when you can make a Kawasaki Rose
Chorus 4