Origami – Spass fur kinder : Joan Sallas

Augustus Verlag A4 hardback 72 pages ISBN 3-8043-0962-3

Fun for Children is the title of this book from Hatman Sallas, crammed full of simple designs aimed at children 4 years and upwards. Many are traditional, the others designed by Joan. The book is in sections; simple figures, flying objects, water craft, instruments, small art objects, and “always in motion”. All are drawn with Joan’s exceptional graphic ability and include a difficulty rating and suggested paper type and size.

Few books are genuinely suitable for younger folders, they usually present classic models and assume they are suitable. Joan has carefully chosen ideas likely to appeal to  youngsters (if you’ve ever met him, you’ll know he is young at heart himself!) and come up with a winner. His only regret is that he was led to believe that the model on the cover of the book (Kissing Lips by Soon Lee of Korea) was traditional and so didn’t give proper credit. Despite this oversight, the book is excellent value at 11 euros and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys simple yet intriguing origami.