Origami Worldwide : John Montroll and Brian K Webb — 5 Comments

  1. Are the relatively higher prices due to the exchange rate, or that the books have to get shipped ‘cross the pond? (Does Dover have a UK printer/distributor?) In the States, buying books from Japan is horribly expensive; having worked for Sasuga Books in the past, I know that most of the markup is just to cover the shipping costs…

  2. Well, I have folded almost all the models for the cover. It’s an impressive compilation. My favorites (besides Nick’s extremely elegant designs):

    Ocean Liner and Easel (Mark Bolitho, England), Eagle (Nicolas Terry, France), Cat (Eric Joisel, France), Elephant (Federico Scalambra, Italy), Solicino (Nicoletta Maggino, Italy), Hot Air Balloon (John Szinger, USA), Tropical Morpho Butterfly (Robert Lang, USA), Toucan (Migual Callisaya, Bolivia), Reef Fish (Roman Diaz, Uruguay), Polar Bear (Quentin Trollip, S. Africa), Ganesha (Kamlesh Gandhi, India), Pig (Nguyen Hung Cuong, Vietnam) and Fiery Dragon (Kade Chan, China)

    I recommend the book for its variety.

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