Origami for secret agents! Ten Robinson designs which would have made Tintin’s life a lot easier. Aimed at younger folders. There are special feature panels on codes, disguises, and spy skills written by Paul Harrison. Published by Capstone Press. There’s also a “girly” version.

The 48 page book is very attractively laid out in a vaguely “manga” style and ought to catch the eye of younger folders. A selection of patterned paper is bound in to the rear of the book, but thankfully doesn’t dominate the package.

Here’s a nice review of the book.

Compass / Eagle / Spy Wallet / Blinking Eye / Skull / Spy Satellite / Spy Plane / Star / Camera / Submarine

ISBN 1429698519

The Eye by Nick Robinson
page 8 (from Square)

The Star by Nick Robinson
page 12 (from Square)

Navigator by Nick Robinson
page 16 (from Square)

Death Mark by Nick Robinson
page 20 (from Square)

Spy Plane by Nick Robinson
page 24 (from Square)

Secret File by Nick Robinson
page 28 (from Square)

Covert Camera by Traditional
page 32 (from Square)

Hawk ID by Nick Robinson
page 36 (from Square)

Submarine by Nick Robinson
page 40 (from Square)

Sky Spy by Nick Robinson
page 44 (from Square)

Images have been sourced from the web or the author. If you want an image removing (or have a better one!) please get in touch.

Origami X – 2012

I’ve just found a nice review of my book Origami X.


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