Outside The Box Origami : Scott Wasserman Stern — 2 Comments

  1. Nick,

    Thank you for this penetrating review which, I am sorry to say, summed up precisely my thoughts on looking through the book. I found it in my local library and was excited that they had bought a new origami book. I looked through it, folded one fold, and promptly took it back. I also found many of the items over – folded, inelegant and complex for their own sake. A small point but one that started to irritate me more and more was the author’s repeated references to folding whilst watching TV. In fact, the more I reflected on this, the more I felt the folds had the appearance of being folded mechanically with the folder’s mind, literally, being elsewhere. Maybe, like you, I am just too old for the book, and I applaud the publisher’s attempt to attract a youthful audience, but I also like to think that the purity and elegance of the best origami doesn’t need this type of spinning, and will win the hearts of young and old alike by itself. Who knows, it may even tempt the kids to switch off TV. You never know.

    • I’m pleased it wasn’t just me being harsh. I believe we have to be more critical of our work if it is to be taken seriously.. Without being personal, of course. I just hope Scott doesn’t allow it to dent his creativity – it’s only an opinion, after all.

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