This is a 2018 repackaging of a book from 2006, “The Origami Giftbox”. The title is slightly odd, only 7 of the models are traditional. Had anyone contacted me beforehand, I could have pointed this out, but book titles are generally decided by the sales team, who come up with a title regardless of the contents, such as my “Beginning Origami Kit”, which is really not suitable for beginners.

The package consists of a soft-back book, where some effort has been made to make the diagrams as large as possible (not always the case) and 120 pull-out sheets of plain and patterned paper, of a decent quality. £10 seems a bit rich though….

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  1. I bought this a few days ago. Some good explanation of folds at the beginning of the book. Some of the instructions were confusing and the accompanying diagrams weren’t much help on a couple of the projects. Just abandoned a project because the instructions made no sense to anyone who looked at it. It did get me interested, though.

    1. Sorry to hear this, if you can ask specific questions (contact me in private), I can try to help…

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