Papiroflexia Y Geometria : Eduardo Gil More

Editorial Salvatella: ISBN: 978-84-8412-411-5 122 pages A4 softback

Gil More is an unfamiliar name to folders, I suspect, but he’s clearly on top of his game with this book. It’s an extensive collection of geometric models and theory, in the main using modular designs, but also 1-piece and strip-folded models. The text is in Spanish, but if you have an enquiring mind you can learn a lot from the diagrams alone, much as we did with the Fujimoto books in the 80s.

Gil More draws from and credits existing sources, but many of the designs appear to be his own, although with negligible Spanish skills, I can’t tell. There is no bibliography at the end, which is perhaps a little surprising. Worth buying? If you understand Spanish, most definitely. If not, it’s probably for collectors and geometry enthusiasts only.