a brave volunteer gathers her raw materials

I’m delighted by the variety of paper available on the web these days, all colours, shapes, sizes and textures you could possibly wish for, as well as plenty you wouldn’t wish for. One modern innovation seems to be paper made from, well, sh1t. It’s perhaps not a polite word, but serves the purpose!

A cursory search for elephant sh*t paper brings up nearly a quarter of a million results including poopoopaper.com, elephantdungpaper.com, but broaden your mind a little and you can fold from the droppings of bison, sheep, kangaroo, reindeer, wombat and desert rat. Actually, I haven’t found the latter, but it would be prohibitively expensive anyway. The amazing origami resource center has more info.

I’m not totally sure what origami benefits there are from using this type of paper, but it’s certainly novel and if you own large animals and can tell sh*t from shinola, a possible small fortune is waiting for you.

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